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A flower pot planting party is a great way to honor earth day and celebrate the spring season. With a prepared set of supplies and a step by step demonstration, even little kids will be able to dig into the planting fun. The best part is that the potting process serves not only as the main activity but also the party favor that kids can bring home, nurture and watch blossom with pride.

What You’ll Need

  • Small flower pots (one per guest).
  • Flower seed packets (one per guest)
  • Planting soil (enough to fill one flower pot per guest).
  • Kids gloves (one pair per guest).
  • Small Shovels (one per guest).
  • Mini watering cans (one per guest).
  • Shoe boxes (one per guest).
  • Outdoor table and chairs.
  • Plastic tablecloths.

In addition to one of each potting item per party guest, you will need an extra for yourself to demonstrate the planting process.

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