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Karonda is a hardy, evergreen, spiny and indigenous shrub widely grown India. It is also found wild in the states of Bihar, West Bengal and many parts of South India.  It is grown commonly as a hedge plant. Regular plantations of Karonda are very common in Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh.  Fruits, sour and astringent in taste, are a very rich source of iron also containing good amount of vitamin C.  Karaunda is very useful in curing anemia.  The fruits have antiscorbutic properties also.

Climate and soil

Since Karaunda is a very hardly and drought tolerant plant, it thrives well throughout the tropical and subtropical climates.  Heavy rainfall and waterlogged conditions are not desirable.  It can be grown on a wide range of soils including saline and sodic soils.


There are no well- established varieties of karaunda.  Cultivated types are classified on the basis of fruit colour e.g. green-fruited, whitish fruits with a  pink blush and dark purple fruited.  Narendra Selection 13, 16, 12 and 3 have also been identified as promising.

Recently a new promising selection of this fruit, which has been named as Thar Kamal, has been made at the Central Horticultural Experiment Station, Vejalpur, Gujrat by Sanjay Singh and his colleagues.



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