Poplar Plant
Poplar PlantPoplar PlantPoplar Plant

Poplar Plant



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Poplar Plant

Members of this group of trees may be called cottonwoodspoplars, or aspens, depending on what species they are. None-the-less, they are all members of the same genus, Populus.

One of the most important poplar tree facts is the sheer size of the tree. It rises tobetween 50 and 165 feet high with a trunk diameter of up to 8 feet. You must be sure that your tree will have sufficient room to grow to its full size.

Latin name for people is “populus”, hence the name. Wood of poplar is lightweight and strong at the same time. Because of that, it was used as perfect material for the construction of the battle shields in the past. Poplar tree is widely used in the production of plywood and pallets.


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